My Inspired Year

My Inspired Year Weekly Planner 2020

2020 is ready for you!

Do you ever get frustrated because you’re not sure what you should be doing?

Have you put off defining your goals because you don’t really know what steps you would take to achieve them?

Are there habits that you know you should be cultivating but you just can’t seem to make them stick?

My Inspired Year Weekly Planner is not just for planning your life. It is also for improving your life. I want to inspire you to make 2020 your best year yet! To do that, ways to make your life better are built right into My Inspired Year planner.

There are places to track your goals, help you develop habits to improve your life, and just keep track of those everyday things that we all need a planner for.

Have your best year ever with My Inspired Year!

Special Introductory Price $17.00 USD

Available Instantly as a Downloadable Product.

When I say My Inspired Year is not just a planner, it really is three products in one.

  1. It’s a printable planner, like we all use all the time, but with way more features for you to take advantage of as you wish.

  2. It’s a free course in how to get yourself focused and organized.

  3. It’s a daily inspirational email to give you the push and encouragement you need to get things done and have the results you’re dreaming of.

After you get your planner printed, come back here, sign up for the emails, and and take the course. (Click Member Content in the sidebar.)

Click here to order and for more information. Price in US dollars.

NOTE: Personal Use Only

Unwrapping My Inspired Year 2017

I know, this video is outdated, but the benefits described also apply to the 2020 edition. New this year: Special training in how to get the most benefit from your planner is INCLUDED in your purchase of My Inspired Year. Also new this year: Each day is numbered to help you track your progress through the year.